1. WORDLY, in order to protect the personal or corporate privacy of users and members and to ensure maximum utilization of all technological services; It has adopted several principles for personal / corporate information and data security. These privacy principles are determined and declared to be applied on data collection and / or use on all mobile applications and all sub services connected to WORDLY and WORDLY itself.

2. All of these principles, which are affiliated with WORDLY , by visiting and / or using and / or being a registered member, are deemed to have been accepted by the User or MEMBER. WORDLY, communication on the websites connected to it; In accordance with the feedback to be made to one of the contact addresses mentioned in the page titled, it has the right to carry out any operations such as correction and updating in the "Privacy Notice" section without any prior notification.

3. WORDLY will not disclose any personal / institutional information and data to any third participant or person that are transmitted to it electronically via the mobile applications connected to WORDLY and WORDLY by the Users. In communication activities by e-mail, SMS or telephone, WORDLY can send permission bulletins as regulated by law, do leave marketing, and collect statistical data from these communication activities through various means and methods. WORDLY declares and undertakes not to engage in communication activities without the user's request, to do marketing without permission, and to provide tools that enable the user to exit the system for free and easily. WORDLY will never share, sell or permit any individual / organizational data and information transmitted to third parties except for the above-mentioned purposes related to the collection of information.

4. WORDLY can record the users' IP address, other contact information, registered information in the user account in social networks and use these records for these purposes, in order to identify possible systemic problems in the mobile applications of WORDLY and WORDLY itself and to eliminate these problems urgently. This data / information can be used by WORDLY to define its users in general and to create comprehensive demographic data. WORDLY's traffic data retention obligations specified in law 5651 and related regulations are also reserved.

5. WORDLY can provide a link to other sites from the mobile applications connected to WORDLY. It can publish the advertisements, application forms, announcements and surveys of the 3rd Parties it has agreements with. WORDLY may direct Users to the sites / services / mobile applications of the advertiser or contracted 3rd parties through these forms, announcements, surveys and advertisements. WORDLY bears no responsibility regarding the privacy practices and policies of other sites and / or mobile applications accessed through this link, as well as any visual and textual content they contain.

6. Individual / corporate information of the user / Member is understood as name and surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address, age, and any other information intended to identify the user. WORDLY will not disclose any of the personal / corporate information to companies and third parties that WORDLY is not in cooperation with, unless stated otherwise in this privacy statement. WORDLY, in the cases listed below, will be able to disclose the information of the users to third parties by excluding the provisions of this privacy statement. These situations are;

6.1. When it is necessary to comply with the legal regulations in force and international agreements effective in domestic law,

6.2. In cases related to fulfilling the requirements of contracts with users of WORDLY and putting them into practice,

6.3. In case of requesting information about the users in accordance with a research or investigation conducted by the competent administrative and / or judicial authorities in accordance with the procedural method,

6.4. Where information is required to protect users' rights or security.

7. WORDLY is required to keep confidential information strictly private and confidential to it, as an obligation to keep it confidential and to keep it confidential, and to prevent confidentiality or the unauthorized use or disclosure of any or all of the confidential information to the public. hereby commits to take all technical, legal and administrative measures and to take full care of it.

8. WORDLY can obtain the usage information of the users on the websites and / or mobile applications connected to WORDLY and WORDLY by using cookies, which is a technical communication file, by using IP or Social Network account user data. The technical communication file, called the cookie, provides statistical information about how many people use the website temporally, for what purpose, how many times, and how long a person has visited the relevant website, and to generate a variety of advertisements and content from user pages specially designed for users.It is a data file designed and used to assist. Users can change their browser's settings at any time so that cookies are not placed on their computers or warned when such a file is sent.

9. Information that can be requested from users who respond to periodic or non-periodic surveys that can be organized in applications can also be used by WORDLY and collaborating individuals or institutions to directly market these users, make statistical analyzes and create a special database.

10. WORDLY may change the provisions in this privacy statement provided that it is published on the websites and/or mobile applications affiliated to WORDLY and WORDLY itself whenever it deems necessary. The provisions of the privacy statement made by WORDLY are considered to have come into force on the date of their publication in the application.